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With an obsession for anything miniature, we escaped into this smaller-than-life dimension where we shrink everything from the real world into delicate little models that melt our hearts.  Our journey has been one of discovery, creation, and a whole lot of gratification.  But it is more fun if we can share our little world with others, isn’t it?  With concerted efforts and support from talented family members, we opened our online miniature store in 2010. We have been tirelessly working to keep up with the demands of our valued customers ever since. 

Our work has been featured in the Dollshouse Emporium magazine in the UK in 2012 and in the American Miniaturist magazine in the US in 2018 and 2019.

Today, Live a Little Miniatures stands as a small home-based venture with a global reach.    

Our chandeliers have lit up dollhouses, roomboxes and miniature projects on nearly every continent.


At Live a Little Miniatures, we create art from life. Every miniature was inspired by an actual life-size item. Every style has been painstakingly researched, designed, modeled, and hand-crafted. Meticulous efforts were made to source and make every small part that goes into our miniatures in order to ensure realism and trueness to scale.


If we cannot make it perfect, we do not make it at all!

We have long been known for our exclusive line of light fixtures that we design and make to the finest details. We offer light fixtures that are powered by 12V AC/DC or 3V DC. We make our lights with LED lights when the style of lighting allows.  

We also introduced a new line of leather handbags… just because! They are all hand crafted with carefully selected fine genuine leather. 


We take this hobby to our hearts. We offer our customers miniatures that are of the highest quality.  At the same time, our goal is to enjoy and share this craft with as many people as possible. So we make these little treasures available to you at affordable prices. Above all, it is all about enjoying the journey.  We want your experience in our store to be welcoming and friendly: We will strive to make you feel well serviced so you may shop with confidence.



Like everything else, the miniature hobby industry is constantly changing and evolving. Live a Little Miniatures will continue to push our limits, explore new methods and create new products. Our little store offers the platform to express our passion for the miniature arts and meaningfully connect with those who share in that passion. Let’s Live a Little and enjoy all the small things life has to offer!

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